YZF 750 Swingarm Swap to YZF1000

The YZF 750 Swing arm (left) is basically identical to the YZF1000 swing arm with the obvious exception being the external bracing (which is why we think it's so cool to install).  The 750 swing arm in this case even has a new chain protector.  The bearings are in good condition as are the bushings in the various pivot points.  They were just in need of some grease.

The picture on the left shows the stock thrust washer/cover and the ones at the top show the improved thrust bearing and identical thrust cover. 

The linkage on the left is the 750 and is a couple millimeters longer than the stock linkage on the right. 

Not shown is the brake arm that is longer on the 750 as well.

The swing arm pivot bolt was corroded and needed to be coerced into coming out with a large mallet.  I used this stainless steel rod drive it out.
The picture on the left shows the revised bracket position on the 750 arm.

The picture on the right shows the completed 750 swing arm installation.