There was some discussion on the RV List in late 2000 regarding the use of a left hand throttle quadrant on an RV-6 and Eustace mentioned he had performed this modification (along with many others) on his RV.  Eustace sent me some pictures of his throttle quadrant as well as some others. 

It sure looks like nice flying up there in Canada.

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Quadrant1.jpg (45121 bytes)

Here is a shot of the throttle quadrant system that Eustace uses on his RV-6.  The quadrant is partially blocked by the stick but you get the idea.  Not the manual trim lever on the arm rest.  Cool Idea.

Quadrant2.jpg (42118 bytes) Here is a full shot of the panel and throttle quadrant.
EustaceBowhay.jpg (40021 bytes) We've all heard about Eustace and learned from his experience but few have had the chance to see him in person.  This picture will have to do until you see him at the next fly-in.
RV6Floats.jpg (33182 bytes) Living and flying in Canada, Eustace designed this setup to mount his RV on floats.  This would be the way to go if  I lived anywhere near the water.
Eustace&Jon.jpg (30837 bytes) On his visit to Oshkosh in the summer of 2000, world traveler Jon Johanssan had the chance to visit Eustace for a day or so and, like any RV pilot, didn't pass up an opportunity to fly some formation with Jon.